Personal Cybersecurity Services

Cybersecurity is a top concern among high net worth individuals.


According to Morgan Stanley, more high net worth individuals listed data security as their number one concern over terrorism or contracting a major illness. 


High net worth families, celebrities, athletes, and public persons are targeted by cyber criminals because of their limited level of cyber protection. The interests and public brand of the family office are increasingly vulnerable due to an ever-growing digital footprint. Advanced cyber security protection can safeguard the precious interests of your family's digital footprint.

The need for personal cyber security is real. SideChannel can directly work with you, your family, and your staff to address you personal cyber security needs.

Personal cyber security services can include:

  • Home, villa or apartment security assessment

  • Wireless network assessment

  • Camera assessment and management

  • Social Media review, removal, and advice

  • Children or kids iPhone, iPad, or Apple device review

  • Children or kids Android or smart device review

  • Parental control install and training

  • Password management and training

  • Multi-factor authentication installation and training

  • Antivirus and network control installation and training

Onsite visits and phone consultations available